Change the name of start menu

Do you know how to Change the name of start menu and keep it as “Begin” or anything else as you want.

Amazing na…!!!(This trick works in windows XP)

This is a simple hacking tips, by using this you can change the name of start menu, and keep your name or anything else.

First you need a tool called “Resource Hacker”.

you can download it from here:

Download Resource Hacker

Before doing any changes let take a backup of system registry so that if anything goes wrong we are safe. To take registry backup do this:

1. Click on Start and choose Run. Or press ‘-Windows Key + R’

2. Type ‘REGEDIT’ and click on OK. This will open registry editor.

3. Now go to File -> Export… choose the location where you want to take backup and enter file name and click on save.

Registry backup is now stored on the selected location.
Now follow these steps:

1)  Run “Resource Hacker” and open the file “%windir%\Explorer.exe” %windir% is the directory where your window resides. It will be c:\windows in general case.

2)  You see a Tree of all Resources in this file, expand tdhe “String Table”

3)  Find the “start” and replace it with your own text. then press the [Compile Script] button.

4)  Save “Explorer.exe” as “MyStart.exe” DONT save it as Explorer.exe, do “save as..” and give it a new name.

5)  Now click on start menu select run, type REGEDIT and press enter.

6) Go to these folder chain

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\C urrentVersion\Winlogon

7) Find the “Shell” property in right panel.

8) Replace the value of the “Shell” property to “MyStart.exe”.

9) Restart  PC.

It’s done.