Enable a 32 bit Application to run in 64 bit machine

This post is about how to Enable a 32 bit Application to run in 64 bit machine.

Sometime when you host your .NET website in IIS and run the application you see some error related to 32 bit dll now working. This is the issue when your applicatoin is trying to use some 32-bit component  and your machine is 64-bit machine. So do enable 32-bit application to run under 64-bit machine. You need to tell server to allow 32-bit application to run. So you  just need to allow to application pool for this under which your application is running.

You can find in your application basic settings that it is running under which application pool.

To allow that application pool to run 32-bit Application take these steps:

1.  Click on ‘Start’ button and select ‘Run’ and hit enter or press key combination ‘Windows Key’ + R. This will open run dialog box.

2.  Now type ‘inetmgr’ in Run dialog box and hit enter to open IIS manager or alternately you can open IIS manager from start menu items.

3. Then On the Connections pane in left side, expand the server node and click  on “Application Pools.” you will see all the application pools running under your machine.











4.  Now, select the application pool under which your application is running. Right click on it and select “Advanced Settings…”. (you can see the application pool of your application in application’s Basic settings)









5.  You will see a list of properties in the dialog box. There you will find an option saying ‘Enable 32-bit Applications’. Change the value of “Enable 32-bit Application to True.”












6.  Click “OK” to finish. All done. Now your application which is running under 64-bit machine will allow to work with 32 bit component.


7. Restart you application then try to run you application.


8. It’s Done. Cheers.!!