Change DOS(Command Prompt) default color on Vista and above

This post will guide you how to Change Default color of DOS ( Command Prompt ).

Sometimes you want to customize your computer work environment as per your choice of colors. graphics, themes, wallpapers etc.

To do this there is a small registry tweek to set default color of DOS ( command Prompt ) using registry key. But doing any change to registry lets take a backup of registry so that if anything goes wrong we are safe. To take registry backup do this:

1. Click on Start and choose Run. Or press ‘-Windows Key + R’

2. Type ‘REGEDIT’ and click on OK. This will open registry editor.

3. Now go to File -> Export… choose the location where you want to take backup and enter file name and click on save.

Registry backup is now stored on the selected location.
Then, you can do registry change for change DOS command prompt color

1. Open registry editor by click on start button type ‘REGEDIT’ and press enter. This will open registry editor.

2. Now navigate to the location shown in below picture.

3. Change the value of property ‘Default Color’ to the color or your choice. here’s a list of color values

After color change your dos prompt will look with the new color.

dos color














it’s done.

for any query or suggestions you can send me comments. Thanks.



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